Friday, 1 April 2016

Enough is enough

Hi everyone!

I thought a lot about what I am going to write today but I think it’s time to make the switch.

This blog is fun but I feel like I’m doing it for nothing since I don’t have a lot of hits. I got pretty used to receiving lots of comments while working on some other projects with friends (see “Hot or Not” hosted by the Legion of Super Bloggers and “oHOTmu or Not” hosted by the Fire and Water Podcast). I understand now that I will never reach my goal of being Internet famous if I am to keep using a dying language.

Let’s face it, French is done! Even here, in New Brunswick, Canada: The only bilingual province of a bilingual country, the French are giving up on their culture. In my humble opinion, it is pointless to keep on fighting for our rights. This blog will now be entirely written in English and I will only speak in French when needed (at my job per example). The fight is over. I’d say that I lost but I think that being assimilated is somewhat of a victory since I can only thrive from now on! No more useless struggle!

Thanks a lot to all my French followers. You are great but still not enough… I’m urging you to follow in this path. It can only bring us more happiness and success in life!

Over and out!
Shotgun Godin

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